Playground Mulch

There are many benefits of using rubber mulch on playgrounds instead of wood chips. The softer surface helps protect against more falls and injuries on the playground. The fact that there is no splintering or decaying makes the area safer as well. This mulch is ideal for any climate because it drains well in the rain and it does not freeze in cold weather. Every child deserves nothing less than a safe area to play in.

Rubber Pavers

All season flexible rubber pavers are ideal for old and worn pavement surfaces, wood flooring, and walkways. Applications include residential and commercial patios, balconies, swimming pools, restrooms, decks, walkways, sports arenas, slip hazard areas, and numerous others. Rubber pavers can be installed over conctete, asphalt, wood, or directly on the ground (with proper substrate).


Rubber mulch, when used in landscaping has many more benefits then non-rubber mulch. The rubber mulch does not break down over time and does not attract insects, molds, and fungi. The rubber mulch also drains nicely and will not float away with the rain. It is safe to use gardening chemicals and with proper care your yard can stay weed-free and your flowers can live long and stay healthy without any worries.

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